Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Which way ought we go?

If you missed it, here's a link to the Sermon: Which way ought we go?

Thanks to Russell for this week's questions!

Reading: John 12:37-50

  1. After considering all that Jesus had said and done through his teaching, miracles and fulfilling all that the prophets had foretold long ago, why did the Jews reject Jesus as their one true Messiah? Read Isaiah 53 and discuss.
  2. In verse 40 God appears to have blinded the unbelieving Jews and hardened their hearts. Does this mean that they had no choice? Will this 'spiritual blindness' last? Read Romans 11 25-27
  3. Discuss any experiences you may have had with those that flatly reject Jesus as their Saviour. What are the excuses they come up with? How would you approach it?
  4. In verse 42 Many Jewish leaders believed but why did they not openly confess Jesus as Messiah? And what does does Jesus say about this in V46. Also, how should we respond as true followers of Jesus.
  5. In V48 Jesus clearly makes the point of whosoever rejects him and does not accept my words will condemn him at the last day. Can you, as a christian in our modern times, follow Jesus but agree to disagree with some commands or teachings that may appear 'out of date' in our modern world? Discuss