Monday, 28 October 2013

A thought on Psalm 25:9

"He leads the humble in doing right, teaching them his way."


In the seventies when I first had my own transistor radio it was great, but almost always there were crackles or a bit of fuzziness and interference on the line, things to distract me and annoy me and spoil my enjoyment...
...and so often that's what we find with our Christian lives, because of the crackles and interference on the line, because of the fuzziness, we miss hearing what God is saying to us; we get annoyed and distracted by things and it spoils our enjoyment of God.
With my radio I soon realised that as long as it was facing the right direction and was carefully tuned I could hear it loud and clear.
What is the interference we have on the line, is it worry about a situation we can't cope with, self-centeredness, laziness, pain, pride, loss, or something else? You see while all those things are in the way we can get upset, angry, disorientated, not sure where we're facing, and we really struggle to hear God's voice.
Maybe you're thinking great, that obvious, but how can I get re-tuned?!
Simply sit down, be honest with yourself and God, and ask Him in His love to forgive you for living a fuzzy life of distraction and interference, ask Him to point you in the right direction, and humbly, gently get re-tuned, dropping each bit of fuzziness, one by one and as you do, bit by bit, His voice will be clearer and louder and He will be the main thing again.

Letting God be God is being humble, and humility goes hand in hand with wisdom