Friday, 24 April 2015

#Election 2015

On Twitter, I've asked the question "Christians will you make The Cross Count as you make your cross?" 
Wondering what to ask the candidates and how?
Let me share with you the letter I sent to my local candidates, feel free to copy and tweak it to match your needs. I used Christian Concern's excellent tool #ELECTION2015

Whatever you do, please make The Cross Count as you make your cross

Template letter:

Dear _____________

Election 2015

I’m writing to all of the candidates in my area to help me, and my congregation, decide how to vote in the election. Firstly I would like to thank you for being willing to stand for public office, and assure you that if you are successful you will be supported in prayer.

I would be grateful for your answers to the questions below. Ideally within a day or so, because I intend to publish these to all of my congregation and other local churches. No response will assume lack of interest in the Christian vote.


- How should government promote a married mum and dad as the normal basis for family?

- Would you support the reversal of the same-sex ‘marriage’ law?

- Do you oppose the introduction of sex education in primary schools?


- Are you aware of challenges faced by Christians in the workplace? What steps would you take in response?

- Would you back new laws to protect freedom of conscience and freedom of religion?

- How would you protect the freedom of Christian parents to bring up their children in line with their faith and to opt out of sex education in schools?


- What influence does Jesus Christ have on your own life?

- How would you stop the ‘British Values’ drive being used to penalise Christian-based schools?

- How would you stop Sharia law being practised in the UK?

- What code of conduct would restore the link between the public and private morals of MPs?


- What steps would you take to end abortion and the destruction of human life through embryology and IVF?

- What will you do to prevent legalisation of assisted suicide?

- Would you work to reverse the law that allows the creation of ‘three-parent’ children?


Thank you for taking the time to respond. If you have any questions for me please don't hesitate to contact me. As I said above, I'd very much appreciate an early response.
If you would like more information about issues of concern to Christians at this election You might try

Thank you for your time

Keith Waters

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

2B - what's that?

This week as Housegroups we're setting off in a different direction, we'll be introducing a mini series on what it means to 'Be' a Christian.
Inspired by a couple of Conference teaching sessions by Bob Payne, we'll take a few weeks to consider, unpack and think through the application of Six "B's"
You can download the teaching sessions here: Teaching Sessions (just click on the file then click download – the middle arrow at the top of the page).
You'll find two files entitled there is much more sessions 1 and 2 and a bonus track entitled the Holy Spirit and you. Listen to "there's much more" first