Monday, 19 October 2015

All Scripture

A brief study on the importance of taking God's word to heart.

Read 2 Timothy 3:14-16 

  1. Here we have three straightforward verses from one of Paul’s letter’s to Timothy. What do we know about the letter and Timothy, where was he Pastor, which other biblical characters were members of his church?
  2. Discuss the three verses in order there are some starters below for each verse but don’t be constrained, there’s more to discuss than this:
    1. Verse 14 – why is it important to be sure we can unreservedly trust those teaching us? Sticking to the truth of scripture is counter cultural – what are some of the issues we might find ourselves coming under pressure on?
    2. Verse 15 – how early should we start to teach the truth of scripture, and what are the rewards, and conversely the risks if we don’t?
    3. Verse 16 – what are the various types of scripture? What does it mean it is inspired by God? Talk through the list of 4 uses that Paul mentions, how do we apply these to our lives?
  3. Read James 1:22-25 and discuss briefly the truth of this simple picture, meditate on it as you lead into a time of prayer.