Tuesday, 16 September 2014


I picked this up a few days ago when looking for something else. It's the basis of a sermon outline from George Butterfield.


First it amused me, next it got me thinking - it's a sad and sorry list as there's such truth in it, but I'd love to have heard the sermon - Church leaders reading through this list will be audibly shouting yes!


1. Do nothing to help the church2. Stay away from every service3. Find fault with everything and everybody4. When asked to do anything, say, "I can't."5. Rebel against the elders and leaders of the congregation6. Cause trouble whenever it is possible7. Don't bridle your tongue8. Get a hobby horse and ride it9. Be a dictator10. Be worldly

    I wonder if we might use it as a checklist for our prayers of repentance. Despite this we must thank God for His incredible gift to us of His Church, His Bride, His delight, and most of all His Grace and Mercy.