Monday, 15 September 2014

Who Killed Jesus?

Reading: John 11: 45 - 57
If you missed it, here's a link to the Sermon: Who Killed Jesus?  

  1. Verses 47-48 This is a major change in tempo, the top people were meeting?
    1. What made them react so seriously and quickly?
    2. What was the aim of their meeting?
    3. Did they doubt Jesus miraculous power?
  2. Verses 49-52 are the key to this passage.
    1. Why are these verses important? In the sermon we picked out four points, what were they?
    2. Can you find any others?
  3. Who Killed Jesus and why?
  4. Think back over the first 11 chapters of John.
    1. Discuss as a group things which might have struck you for the first time or you have been reminded about?
    2. What picture of Jesus has come through John's account so far?
    3. What have you picked up through the teaching, discussion and prayer around John that has impacted your life? Talk this through as a group.