Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Why would Jesus do that?

Reading: John 11: 1 - 16
If you missed it, here's a link to the Sermon: Will You Live For Christ?  

Lot's of questions, try to cover at least 5 including Q.1
  1. First consider verse 16 - Thomas' response to Jesus. In the sermon we looked at living and dying for Jesus. How might we not live for Jesus?
  2. Was sickness part of God’s original design? 
  3. What was Jesus’relationship with Lazarus & his sisters?
  4. What message did his sisters send to Jesus when Lazarus became sick? What did you learn from their example about how you should pray to God?
  5. Why do people (you?) blame God for sickness?
  6. Why did Jesus wait for two days after hearing Lazarus was sick? Was this cruel? How would you have felt if you were Lazarus’ sister?
  7. What  kind of love did Jesus have for Lazarus & his sisters? Was His delay in coming in keeping with that love? 
  8. How is God’s perspective different from yours? How can you know that God will
    always love you?
  9. Can you glorify God even when sick? If so how?