Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Study Questions - Hezekiah

If you missed it, here's a link to the Sermon The way we turn out depends on....

Read 2 Kings 18:1-6

  1. What do we know about Hezekiah’s Father (2 Kings 16:2-4) and Son (2 Kings 21:1-9)?
  2. How could Hezekiah turn out so well with a dad like that, and how could his son go so bad considering his legacy?
  3. Work slowly through 2 Kings 18:1-6 again and discuss one by one all of the right things he did.
  4. How can we apply this man’s story to our own lives to ensure a closer relationship with Jesus and a positive impact on those around us?
Next week we'll be rounding up our mini series on Bible Personalities with a look at a list... Have a read through Hebrews 11 as a warm up J