Monday, 1 June 2015

June - July Prayer for Sierra Leone Mission

Sunday:  Pray for sincerity and unity among leaders of the Church and the Government of Sierra Leone as they execute their duties. That politics will have less influence in their duties of securing the welfare of the people, especially the very poor and needy and the ebola affected people and children in particular.

Monday: Ebola has still not gone out of Sierra Leone. Pray for God's intervention on the strategies to eradicate the disease.

Tuesday: Pray for Rev. Kelvin Mbayo who has been sick for over two years now of an undiagnosed condition in his throat. Pray for proper diagnosis and healing. Pray also for the Bishop of the Methodist Church of Sierra Leone who is suffering from a stroke that has taken him away from his duty.

Wednesday : We continue to pray for more funds for the completion of Bethesda building. This project upon completion will help alleviate the plight of a lot of suffering street children.

Thursday: Pray for the students at the Theological College, that they might become mighty leaders in the churches of S.L.

Friday: The children as they resume their studies and for the teachers. For safe passage of the next shipment

Saturday: Pray for the finances if the mission, that we may continue to support all we have promised so to do.