Monday, 14 September 2015

Single, Married, Divorced, Sex and all that stuff!

Here's the link to the Sermon: Single or Married - What is right for me? 

Reading: 1 Corinthians 7

Using the passage, the sermon, your experience and the guidance of The Holy Spirit, spend some time discussing the following areas (ideally get the questions and discussion coming from all members of the group, and remember these are some hard issues foe some):

  1. Marriage – for example: when is it right and when might it be wrong, should a Christian marry someone who’s not, what about sex?
  2. Singleness – for example: people could be ‘single’ at various points in their life or for the whole of their lives, what does scripture teach about these? How does society view singleness and celibacy?
  3. Divorce – Pastor outlined New Connexions understanding of scriptures teaching on this, what is it, how do you feel about it, does it reflect scripture?
  4. What should someone do when they become a Christian, after they marry a non-Christian?
  5. How should a bible believing church deal with the sensitive issue of homosexuality (based on what scripture teaches)?
  6. What are the implications of all the above on the way we should care and support one another?