Tuesday, 19 January 2016

God always hit's the bullseye!

Here's the link to the Sermon: God always hits the bulseye!

 Reading: Amos 1-2 
  1.  If you were being interrogated by the "bible police", what could you tell them about Amos? i.e. who, when, what, where, why, how...
  2. look at the pattern laid out in Amos' imagine what the original hearers of the message would have felt as the message unfolded?
  3.  Describe the society in Amos' day; how does it compare to the UK today?
  4. God will judge all nations and all people:
    1. discuss what this means;
    2. what responsibility do we have for shaping our society?
    3. how does this impact us as individuals?
  5. How does God judge believers compared to non believers? (Luke 12:48)
  6. God cares about the attitude of our hearts, what wrong attitudes might we have and how can we encourage/challenge each other over these (in love!!)