Monday, 1 February 2016

Fat Cows...

Here are some study questions from Gordon on the message he preached on Amos 4 and here's the link to the Sermon: Fat Cows of Samaria

Reading: Amos 4 
  1. Consider the question, “What has God done for you lately?” Do we only think of things which prosper us or make us feel more comfortable, or are we able to recognise God's discipline a source of blessing also? (Ref Hebrews 12 :5-11)
  2. Read vs 1-5. Discuss how the lifestyles of the people of Samaria and their attitudes towards the poor reflect those of  society today. How should God's people be different?
  3. In what ways could it be possible for our worship to be full of tradition and ritual, with a sound knowledge of scripture, but be worthless in the sight of God?
  4. Vs 6-11 Discuss ways that God might use to encourage individuals or nations to turn back to Him? Are there areas where we as a nation are guilty of not listening to  his warnings.
  5. How is it possible for us as weak, unholy people to be prepared to meet our God as described in v 13?