Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Only when we live our faith will we really get it...

Reading: John 7:1-24

If you missed it, here's a link to the Sermon: Are you missing the point?  

  1. Think about and discuss why Jesus' brothers suggested all the things they suggest (verses 3-4).
  2. Verse 5 says Jesus' brothers didn't believe– discuss the difference between true faith and a misplaced or false faith.
  3. Look at verses 10-13
    • why did Jesus go secretly?
    • what did Jesus mean by "my time"?
    • consider how you measure up to verse 13 - are you afraid to speak the whole gospel in public (not just the politically acceptable parts)?
  4. Verse 17 - how is it that we can know the truth of Jesus's teaching? we looked at this for some time in the sermon. Why is it crucial to a Christian?
  5. What was the thing that had really upset the religious leaders? Talk through how Jesus answers that.
  6. Read verse 24 in different translation, then discuss it.