Sunday, 23 August 2015

Prayer for Sierra Leone Mission September & October

Sunday: Pray that the breakthrough in finding a successful inoculation for ebola might bring to an end the present epidemic and prevent further outbreaks.  Also pray that the price of this drug might not be prohibitive to the poor.

Monday: It is almost a year since Daniel Koroma lost his wife to cancer.  Please pray for him and his daughter. It is also a year since he became our agent, pray for him and his added responsibilities.

Tuesday: Please pray that everyone worshipping in a Connexional Church in England will realise the responsibility that we accepted at Conference 2015.  It was agreed that there needed to be an increase in giving to continue the work effectively in S.L.

Wednesday: Thank God that the owner of the building – Bethesda has agreed that the children may remain there for a further 7 months – rent free!

Thursday: Thank God that £23,000 has been given specifically for the new Bethesda. Trust and pray for a further £9,000 to complete the interior.

Friday:As we continue to send out ‘rice money’ pray that those people receiving this gift might realise the true’ giver’ as Jesus.

Saturday: Our main concern in S.L. is the furtherance of the gospel. Please pray that in the wake of ebola there might be a mighty awakening in the churches of the Connexion. That Christians will be inspired tobe a great witness where they live.