Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Not Guilty?

Here's the link to the Sermon: The Innocent Man 

Reading: John 19:1-16

Read question 7 and keep that in mind as you run through the first 5 questions.
  1. How many trials had Jesus had, who were they with and what were the individual 'Judges' positions - who held the real authority?
  2. What did Pilate hope to achieve by having Jesus scourged? Describe scourging, and discuss the other nasty things the soldiers did to Jesus. V. 1-3
  3. What was Pilate more afraid of and why?
  4. V.8Why did Pilate question Jesus again?
  5. How many times is Jesus declared "not guilty"?
  6. What does Verse 11 mean, who is 'the one' and how is one sin greater than another?
  7. There is some interesting fact and history here, but what is there in this passage that we can apply to our lives today?