Thursday, 26 March 2015

Have You Ever Met With Jesus?

Ron shared his poem with us a couple of Sunday's back.

Here it is:

Have You Ever Met With Jesus

If you have never met with Jesus, meet with Him today,

No appointments to make, no forms to fill, all we need to do is pray:

The words we use will profit us, the best we will ever make,

And receive the promise of Eternal Life, even for his Fathers sake.


He makes no judgement, no trial for sin we have to face,

Just acknowledge we are sinners, He pardons us by grace;

From this moment onward, He sends his spirit within us to dwell,

No more to face the world alone, the way forward for us He will tell.


The past is gone, no way could we go back to put things right,

Only God by His Son Jesus, could die to make us Holy in His sight;

Jesus is the way to Eternal Life, no other way can we find,

When God sent his Son to earth, it was the sinner He had in mind.


Jesus knows our faults, yet in us He only believes the best,

We humbly put our faith in Him, trusting His spirit to do the rest;

Jesus the same today, tomorrow, forever, for our good he has a plan,

He has a place prepared in heaven for us, the time unknown to man.


The sinner in the world, with a Holy God is out of reach,

Jesus is the sinners friend, His spirit from the word does teach;

All have sinned and short of Gods glory, the wages of sin is death,

Today is the day of salvation, turn to Jesus while we still have breath.


We have a birthright its Jesus, from the Bible we are told

Not to be like Esau, who for a bowl of soup, his birthright sold;

With no oil the five virgins, when the bridegroom came could not see,

Its not Gods will that any should perish to a lost eternity.


To the sinner without Jesus a life line is thrown,

Like a lamb to the slaughter, His death for us did He atone

Reconciling us back to the Father, who cannot look upon sin

Has opened up the road to Eternal life, that we might enter in.
© Ron Hart