Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Would you share your lunch?

Reading: John 6:1-15

If you missed it, here's a link to the Sermon: Would you give away your lunch?  

  1. Why were the people following after Jesus; what was it they wanted? Talk this through.
  2. Read verses 4-7 and discuss the things that stand out to you. For instance, what would you have thought if you were Philip?
  3. Discuss verse 5. In particular consider a) how the women might have responded to this and b) how we might, "seek the living from among the dead" in our lives? 
  4. Verse 4 mentions the Passover, verse 9 tells us the bread was made of barley and later on in the chapter Jesus will speak of being the bread of life. How does this all add up? 
  5. Verse 12 tells us Jesus wasted nothing. What can we learn from this as a church and how should that fact affect the way we Christians live our lives?
  6. Jesus slipped away - why?
  7. The boy was willing to give the little he had to Jesus.
    • what might stop us from doing that?
    • what will we miss out on?
    • would you give your lunch?